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Abbreviation Unit
s second
1/2 ms half of millisecond
100 ka[t] hundred thousand tropical-year
Ea[t] million million million tropical-year
Ga[t] thousand million tropical-year
Ma[t] million tropical-year
Ta[t] million million tropical-year
a julian-year
a[t] tropical-year
ca hundredth of julian-year
cs centisecond
d day
ds decisecond
fa femtojulian-year
h hour
hs hectosecond
ka[t] thousand tropical-year
min minute
ms millisecond
na nanojulian-year
ns nanosecond
ps picosecond
us microsecond
wk week
w week
month average month in tropical-year
mo average month in tropical-year
y tropical-year
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