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From: [Pa]
To: [0.01 lbf/ft2]

Abbreviation Unit
Pa pascal
0.01 lbf/ft2 pound-force per hundred square foot
EPa exapascal
GPa gigapascal
MPa megapascal
Mpsi million psi
N/m2 newton per square metre
N/mm2 newton per square millimetre
TPa terapascal
at technical atmosphere
atm standard atmosphere
bar bar
cPa centipascal
cmH2O[4degC] centimetre of water at 4 degree Celsius
dPa decipascal
dyne/cm2 dyne per square centimetre
fPa femtopascal
hbar hundred bar
inH2O[39degF] inch of water at 39.2 degree Fahrenheit
inH2O[60degF] inch of water at 60 degree Fahrenheit
inHg[32degF] inch of mercury at 32 degree Fahrenheit
inHg[60degF] inch of mercury at 60 degree Fahrenheit
kN/m2 kilonewton per square metre
kPa kilopascal
kgf/cm2 thousand gram-force per square centimetre
kgf/m2 thousand gram-force per square metre
kgf/mm2 thousand gram-force per square millimetre
kpsi thousand psi
lbf/ft2 pound-force per square foot
mPa millipascal
mbar thousandth of bar
mmHg[0degC] millimetres of Mercury at 0 deg C
nPa nanopascal
pPa picopascal
psi pound-force per square inch
tonf[UK]/ft2 UK ton-force per square foot
tonf[US]/ft2 US ton-force per square foot
tonf[US]/in2 US ton-force per square inch
torr torr
uPa micropascal
ubar millionth of bar
umHg[0degC] micrometre of mercury at 0 degree Celsius
upsi millionth of psi
hPa hectopascal
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